Monday, July 23, 2012

A Charming Oval Painting After Francois Boucher

Now and again, as an appraiser of art and antiques, I find something that is not exactly valuable. But it is admittedly charming and not without some historical interest as well as visual appeal.  Recently, I encountered this lovely small oval oil painting on board in an Coral Gables estate I was engaged to appraise.  It is a competently executed 19th Century copy by the hand of a sure painter after an 18th Century painting depicting the baptism of Christ by St John in the manner of the great French Rococo master Francois Boucher.

It is small and measures 9 x 7 inches.

Close up examination attests to the fairly good quality of execution by someone who clearly had a feeling for Boucher's light touch and effortless sense of movement.


In spite of the markings on the back, optimistically attributing it to the master himself, it's clearly a nice decorative and economically accessible copy.

It would benefit by a professional cleaning too. But until such a time, it's still a lovely painting to exhibit, as did the late owner, on a stand.

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