Monday, July 23, 2012

A Jacobean Inspired Side Chair Probably Concieved as a Deliberate Fake

This rather penitential looking side chair was recently encountered in an estate appraisal here in S FL. It purported to be a Caroline Period oak side chair.  

Close examination revealed it was in fact a complete pastiche remade from some old elements. The tablet back panel has a geometric carved moulded motifs placed in between a pair of plain uprights and is noted for also having a “CR” carved into the verso. This was almost certainly likely to lead the buyer to believe it stood for "Charles Rex" implying a royal provenance. Some people really are gullible! The plain overhanging wood seat has a  rounded moulded edge resting on a plain apron with block front corners and round front legs with ring turnings connected by a similar style rod across the front.  The area below has a plainer flat H shaped stretcher connecting the front legs to the rear plain legs. The chair is also suspect as a piece of remade furniture by the presence of later screws and newer elements and the questionable initials carved on the tablet verso. All this  indicates this is a very decorative pastiche at best remade from some antique elements – possibly  in the late 19th Century when dealers started to do this more consistently. Although this production in which antique elements were cleverly reused to make such "antiques" really reached its apogee in the 20th Century during the 1920's following WWI, and again in the 1950's through the 1970's after WWII. The chair measures 37 inches in height.

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